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UKC PR Pedigree For
INTL CH UKC CH PR Nevada's Livin' After Midnight pennhip .43/.38 OFAca

'PR' Kisme's
Aces & 8's PennHip .41/.41

GR.CH.'PR' Harris's 2nd Chance To Kisme DNA-P PennHip .43/.48
#2 UKC Top Ten APBT 2001

CH.'PR' Lar-San's Kisme By Chance DNA-VIP

Int'l Ch, UWP, U-CD, UKC CH 'PR' Lar-San Red Rocketeer Of Wells, TT, CGC, OFA-G, vWD-Clear, CERF, DNA-P

Int'l Ch, UKC GR CH 'PR' Lar-San's Wilrox Texas Tornado, OFA-G, vWD, DNA-P

CH.'PR' Navarro's Ca Aurora Borealis

GR.CH. Gaffs Ca. Vavarros Ceaser Jr. Two
#5 UKC Top Ten APBT 1995
#7 Top Producing Sire

'PR' Northern CA Cleo Bambino

GR. CH. 'PR' Nevada's Kisme on My Dot
PennHip .61/.61

CH.'PR' Eurythmics Nevada Kisme Cobalt DNA-P

CH. York's Nevada Blue Diamond

Eurythmic's Wallflower

CH.'PR' Nevada's Phantom Amethyst CGC DNA-P

GR.CH.'PR' Nevada's Phantom Viceroy CGC DNA-P PennHip .48/.51

CH. Fitz Pits Mako

CH.'PR' Marin's Larums
Dazzlin Dallas TT DNA-VIP

CH.'PR' Larum's Phantom Pilot

GR.CH.'PR' Larum's Hotshot Hank DNA-P

CH.'PR' Larum's Tufftown Hank
CH.'PR' Marins Larum's Aja

GR.CH. 'PR' Larum's
Dodge Cty Belle
#3 UKC Top Ten APBT 1988

GR.CH.'PR' Larum's Ornery Outlaw DNA-P
CH.'PR' Our Gang's Cal. Dark Ali

CH.'PR' Marin's Kelly's Shadow
'PR' Barragan's Marins Chacho 'PR' Marin's Hawkins
'PR' Marin's Black Beauty
Marin's Tequila Con Limon CH.'PR' Alvarado's Amigo
CH. Marin's Kelly

* * * Bonzi was bred by Janice Snyder of Nevada Kennels * * *

Noteable dogs in previous generations

Fifth Generation ----...............-Sixth Generation----- -----...........Seventh Generation------
CH 'PR' E Williams' Steel Spike
CH 'PR' Xia Of Lar-San
GRCH 'PR' Mabbott's Crimson Tide
GRCH 'PR" Lar-San Deity
GRCH 'PR' Gaff's Calif. Top Gun
CH Northern Ca Kiss Me Kate
CH 'PR' Ruff's Northern Ca Ginger Snap
CH York's Ruffian Gator
CH 'PR' Nevada's Chocolate Phantom
GRCH 'PR' Nevada Otta Make Me Blue
GRCH 'PR' Our Gang's Seiko
CH 'PR' Big John Of Tufftown
CH 'PR' Marin's Hawkins
CH 'PR' Larum's Tufftown Hank
GRCH 'PR' Cherrypit's Cal. Bandit


UCD GRCH 'PR' Lar-San Krimson Chas Krug
GRCH 'PR' Lar-San Blazin Lady
GRCH 'PR' Lar-San's Li'l Deacon
GRCH 'PR' Lar-San Peaches
CH 'PR' Lar-San Majic Jezebel
CH 'PR' Devenport's Coolhand Luke
GRCH Knowlwood's Ca Kellsey
GRCH Knowlwood's Sundance Kid
CH Gaff's Ca Cheeks Dutch
CH Wood's E-Z Challenger
GRCH 'PR' Nevada'a Pit's Caleb
CH Fitz Pits Mako
CH 'PR' Tufftown Smokin' Joe
UCD CH Monica's Misty Blue
CH 'PR' Mazzei's Molly Tufftown
CH 'PR' Big John Of Tufftown
CH 'PR' Badger Of Tufftown


GRCH 'PR' Beaujolais Of Lar-San
CH 'PR' Librty Larsan Rd. Blaze
CH 'PR' Comer's Ceasers Oscar
GRCH 'PR' Richard's Gen. Freemont
GRCH 'PR' Beaujolais Of Lar-San
CH PR' John's L/S Mr Majestic
GRCH 'PR' Our Gang's Sieko
GRCH Kinder's Wizard Gator
CH 'PR' Devenport's Coolhand Luke
GRCH Cheek's Knowlwood Domino
UCD GRCH Herring's Bullet
GRCH 'PR' Nevada Pits' Duke
CH 'PR' Dynamite Red Targa
CH 'PR' Big John Of Tufftown
CH 'PR' Derby's L'San Gingersnap
GRCH 'PR' Stipe's Miss Mandy
GRCH 'PR' Knowlwoods Lil Dusty
CH Cheeks Precious Velvet
CH Wood's Tacoma E-Zee
CH 'PR' York's Ruffian Ashley
CH 'PR' Richard's Kwiksilver
CH 'PR' Knowlwd Nevada Midnight
CH 'PR Calamity Of Tufftown
CH 'PR' Badger Of Tufftown
CH 'PR' Mazzei's Molly Tufftown

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